Vendor Registration Fee

Vendor Registration Fee


Fees and Charges

  • Early Bird Price $60.00 (up to July 15th) – OPTIONAL

  • Regular price $75.00 (after July 15th)

  • Vendor fees must be paid in full prior to setting up on the grounds.

  • Vendor fees are non refundable

  • Cheques payable to Toronto Chowfest.




  • All booths must be stagged and ready to be open to the public for 12pm 

  • Concession Vendors will be required to obtain a Food Handling Permit from Peel Public Health? Toronto Chowfest must receive a copy of this permit prior to setting up.

  • All food booths are to have a functioning fire extinguisher at their site at all times during the festival.

  • Concession Vendors must supply and show proof of liability insurance. Chowfest must receive a copy prior to setting up.

Concession Vendor Selection

  • The festival seeks to offer a wide range of foods at reasonable cost. A detailed menu including prices charged to the patron must be included with the application

  • Vendor selection is the sole right of Toronto Chowfest and all decisions will be final. Vendor menu will be approved by the festival. Vendors cannot sell items that have not been listed on the vendor application form and approved by Toronto Chowfest

  • Toronto Chowfest is seeking Artisan fruit and Natural Fruit juice Vendors

  • Snack/candy/dessert vendors (e.g. chips, chocolate bars, candy, cotton candy, popcorn, etc.). Prepared items such as cheesecake, cake, sandwiches, cold beverages and regular coffee are permitted items.

  • Frozen Food Vendor (e.g. Homemade Ice-cream, snow cones, frozen novelties, shakes, smoothie, etc) are permitted menu items.

  • Pastry Vendors (e.g. Doubles or deep fried pastry prepared on site)

  • Ethnic/theme Vendors (these vendors would follow an ethnic or food type theme. Product exclusivity will be granted to each of these Vendors.

Festival Site and Set Up:

  • The site plan for the vendors will be arranged with the booths lined up on paved plaza parking lot. The site will be stake and each vendor will stay within the allotted space provided.

  • Please be advised that Toronto Chowfest will be providing vendors with tables and chairs. If you’d like to add any additional supplies, you will be responsible for providing it. It’s a good idea to make sure that booths have adequate weather protection. Also, note that booths will be required to open at night and vendors are responsible for their own lighting.

  • No guaranteed source of power. Vendor must make their own arrangements for generators if needed.

  • Booths will not be provided with running water

  • No vehicle movement will be allowed after 11am.


  • The vendor will be responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the booth space and the space immediately adjacent to it.

  • Each booth will be required to provide their own single garbage receptacle.