Welcome to Toronto Chowfest

AUGUST 24,2019 | 12PM-8PM

Toronto Chowfest is Toronto’s first Trinidad and Tobagonian fruit festival. We end the hectic summer with the fruit extremes of our local fruit dish, chow! This one day free event taps into the island spirit of Trinidad and Tobago, bringing together our love for chow, community, the creative competitive spirit and liming. On August 24th 2019, Toronto Chowfest’s main event will be hosted at Kalypso Hut.



Toronto Chowfest is currently accepting applications for competitors. Come to Toronto Chowfest to showcase your chow and a chance to win $250 cash prize! Do you have what it takes? Cause if you can imagine it, you can chow it!



Toronto Chowfest 2019 Sponsors

Toronto Chowfest would like to thank our sponsors for helping us create this experience for our community! This year’s Gold Sponsor is UA Local 46 who have been building communities since 1890. We’d also like to thank our upper bronze level sponsors QCCC and CA Mortgage Group.