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One of Toronto Chowfest 2018 First Place Winners: Bob Pooran's display


One of Toronto Chowfest 2018 First Place Winners: Robert Mohammad's display


Toronto Chowfest 2018 2nd place winner: Anne Grove's Restaurant


People's Choice Winner: Micheal Rosteing's display

Contestant Registration Fee

Toronto Chowfest contestant’s will be competing to WIN $250 !

Register below to compete this year. Space is limited !

Rules & Regulation:

  1. There is a $20 Registration fee

  2. Ingredients may include fruits, vegetables, seasoning and any other vegetable related material (eg. Sugar)

  3. Ingredients shall NOT include any meat, seafood or other ingredients not included in rule #1

  4. All dishes will be judged at room temperature (21-25 ° C)

  5. Each category will be judged on a scale of 0-10, as indicated on the score sheet, 0 being the worst and 10 being the best score

  6. The competitor with the highest points total will be the winner

  7. Contestant should make enough for patrons sampling, for our People's Choice Award. 

  8. Please no dishes containing peanuts or peanut oil

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