About ChowFest

Eh Wah Yuh Saying?

Welcome to Toronto Chowfest where we end the hectic summer with the ultimate summer cool down lime. At Chowfest, we bring you cool tunes, live performances and the mother of all Chow competitions, with a grand prize of $250. This one day FREE event highlights everything to do with Chow and the Trini culture of music, family and liming.

Toronto Chowfest is a festival celebrating fruit extremes. Chowfest pushes the limits of the culinary fruit dish chow into the realm of competitive chow dishes, international food flavours and local music.

What is Chow Yuh Say?

Well wikipedia says its a popular Trinidadian condiment made of fruit seasoned with cilantro. We say, that Chow is where fruits collide with exotic seasoning and spices, coming together in an amalgamation of exploding colour and taste. Chow brings the neutrality of fruits and morphs it into a belligerent uncompromising fruit dish. A fruit dish that usually swaggers in, unannounced and fashionably late, at every lime. Nobody ever says they are bringing Chow, they just show up with it. Nobody ever gets asked to make chow, somebody just makes it. Here at Toronto Chowfest, we say: If You Can Imagine It, You Can Chow it ! It's our take on life and the reflection of fruits in its many varieties as a metaphor for life, blending together with natural herb and spices to form the multicultural family that is chow.


Contact us at torontochowfest@gmail.com for any inquiries or questions